Harare The Capital City

Harare - ZimbabweHarareHarare - ZimbabweHarare - Zimbabwe
Harare - ZimbabweHarareHarare - ZimbabweHarare - Zimbabwe


Harare The Capital City

Harare is the Capital of Zimbabwe. It is the largest city of Zimbabwe. It is the cultural, commercial and economic hub of the country. Harare is a trade center which was sometime back a strong urban city with tall buildings and advance systems but after the bankruptcy it has lost all the charms of the previously wonderful city. But the good thing is that the commercial hub of Zimbabwe is rising back to its previous stature and that too very fast. So the future of the city is secured and in good developing stage. Recently Zimbabwe has made US dollar its currency to take a new road to development which has done wonders for the country despite the price increase in fuel has resulted in this decision resulting in the hike of almost all the prices. Citrus fruits, cotton, maize and tobacco are by far the most successful and abundant trades of Harare. Being a commercial hub as well, Harare hosts many industrial sectors which manufacture many products of textile, chemicals and also manufacture steel.

All these manufactures take a fact road to the development of the country by trading as well as utilization in the country. The revenue collected from all these trades and exports are beneficial for the advancement in the lives of people and country on the whole. Harare no doubt shares a great amount of responsibility for the prosperity of Zimbabwe. Many international meetings and summits have taken place in Harare. Its part in projecting Zimbabwe to the whole world is definitely huge. Commonwealth summits and conferences are held in Harare quite frequently. In sports as well, Harare has been host to many games including a cricket world cup. The very hub of all the cultural and commercial activities of the country, Harare has a great share in contribution of various media in the daily lives of the people of Zimbabwe. Herald, Daily news, financial timesScience Articles, Zimbabwe Independent and many other dailies are making Harare one of the largest media cities in the country. 

The number of newspapers shows that people are avid readers of what is going on in the country and how it is affecting their lives. The role of an active media in the city has made it an independent city. Harare has a really nice climate throughout the year. It has a perfect weather to grow citrus fruits and trees. The sessions range from hot to cold but not extreme cold or hot. That means it has a pleasant moderate weather throughout the year with the temperature range from 7 degree centigrade to 20 degree centigrade. The rainy season comes from a long time but very hot dry season remains for just a month. Also winter is not very long or cold. It is most of the time quite pleasantly in Harare. Harare holds all the major buildings of Zimbabwe. Many historical sites as well stock exchange of the country are situated in the city. Museums and cultural buildings are in abundance in Harare. 

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HarareHarare - ZimbabweHarare - Zimbabwe
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